I love the product. I thought I was going to feel very hot but I actually feel very comfortable. I sweat A LOT!! The delivery was very fast… I really like this product.


I bought the one with sleeves and I like how it fits me. It looks very nice on me and from the first day I sweat a lot and I can see the results. I actually never sweat, but with this product it’s incredible how much you sweat and eliminate toxins. I loved the Service.

– Cristina


After I did exercise with this garment, I really don´t want to leave it anymore. I really feel like I am doing more when using it. I love that the fabric absorbes the sweat. I have been using it for 2 weeks and I feel a real result in my abdomen.



With the InstantTraining I was totally amazed how by simply putting it on you can shape your waist. It’s very easy to use!! I am a sport lover and I feel that my back is totally supported, which I love because I tended to have a lot of back pain after my routine. The size is perfect and I really want to try the other products.



I thought it was only for sport people, I don´t do sports at all, but I really wanted to mold my waist. I have it since 5 weeks ago and I have lost one size in my abdomen and I use it only for walking.



I love the Hot Shaper products. I am a scuba-diver and the material is very similar to the neoprene, but thinner and softer. It is very comfortable and light. Just bear in mind not to wash it in the washing machine, better to clean it with a cloth like I do with my scuba-diving clothes.



I bought the HOT BELT with the INSTANT TRAINER and it’s incredible how it molds your waist. I do Yoga and I feel that everything is focus now in the waist and abdomen, in 3 week I have seen results.